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FluxCore Alpha— Bridging the Infrastructure Gap

InFlux Technologies Limited is set to release the Alpha version of the much-awaited FluxCore, a PoUW client application that encapsulates our vision of a decentralized world.

The need for technology infrastructure has grown and evolved spontaneously over the past few decades to match new modern requirements. Integrated graphics chips which used to be the standard years ago, for example, have given way for the more powerful and versatile GPU cards.

Playing a game that lags on your PC? Need to speed up a video rendering that is taking too long? How about boosting your home server and enabling it to handle more intensive tasks?

GPU cards offer a higher level of performance and more..

Beyond personal needs, however, computing resources have proven to be a major requirement for powering research, businesses, enterprise, and institutional needs. Crypto-currency mining, deep learning algorithms, machine learning models, and enterprise servers all rely on significant computing resources.

The global GPU market as of 2022 was valued at $40 billion and projected to reach $400 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR rate of 25%. Sadly, most of the hardware end up under-utilized and become obsolete within a short time frame, contributing to the growing problem of e-waste in today’s world.

Our cloud infrastructure needs are dynamic, they vary with time and the tasks at hand. But, the capacity of the hardware powering these needs are measured statically.

This disproportionate balance between supply and efficiency gives rise to the “scalability dilemma” that emerging technology sectors now face regarding the availability of computing power.

On the one hand, we have vast under-utilized computing infrastructure. An estimated 30% of the hardware in data centers lie idle, and while the gaming GPU market is worth over 2.73B, the average gamer only spends about 8.45 hours playing actively per week.

On the other hand, a recent report from Andreessen Horowitz noted that AI companies spend “more than 80% of their total capital on compute resources” due to its high cost and scarcity. These obvious gaps in supply and utilization also holds true for businesses and other use cases.

Imagine a scenario where hardware production is optimized to meet actual needs and utilized to its fullest potential. The increased efficiency would reduce costs and conserve precious resources, and the reduced amount of e-waste would greatly benefit our environment.

FluxCore — The heartbeat of the PoUW network

FluxCore is the vital force behind the PoUW network, enabling users to connect their machines. It is designed to play a crucial role in bridging the “infrastructure gap” by utilizing underused hardware in data centers, homes, and businesses, providing computing resources to those who need them the most.

The software comes with a default light mode that concentrates on Proof-of-Useful-Work (PoUW). This involves benchmarking your machines and subscribing them to PoUW services such as Artificial Intelligence, Rendering, Cloud Gaming, and more. Alongside, it provides various optional modules, encompassing the entire Flux Ecosystem, hence the name FluxCore.

These modules are optional, ensuring a streamlined and personalized experience for all FluxCore users. They enable effortless cryptocurrency mining and, in the future, setting up FluxNodes without the need for additional tools. All of this aligns with our vision of seamlessly integrating Web3 technologies into everyday life.

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of the FluxCore Alpha on December 15th, 2023.

This Figma design concept is for illustration purposes only. Actual features, layout, and appearance in the live application may vary from what is shown in this screenshot.

This gives our community the chance to test the application’s performance on different machines and conditions for the first time. The Alpha includes multiple features and also the first module — the “Mining” module, focused on crypto asset mining. More about that in a second.

The official Alpha phase will allow our team and developers to access necessary feedback which will be key in the release of the next iteration of the application.

“This release of FluxCore tackles the longstanding scalability challenge by optimizing computing resources to meet dynamic client needs. It paves the way for a decentralized cloud infrastructure future, emphasizing efficiency and environmental sustainability for everyone’s benefit.”

— Daniel Keller, CEO & Co-Founder, Influx Technologies Limited

What Will Be Available On FluxCore?

The FluxCore Alpha incorperates various components crucial for a foundational Proof-of-Useful-Work application. These include benchmarking your machine, gaining insights into your hardware, overclocking GPUs, accessing an Account Page for security management, and tracking historical data. We are pleased to share that the Mining Module will also be available from the start.

For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on the two main components that we believe our community eagerly anticipates — The Mining Module, and Benchmarking Machines.

The FluxCore Mining Module

FluxCore is carefully designed to give users total control over their machines. Anticipating a notable participation from the crypto-native community joining the PoUW network, we found it logical to seamlessly integrate an all-inclusive mining software module into the FluxCore client.

Why is this Integration Important?

Crypto miners possess substantial GPU power, spanning across both older and newer models, all of which can be harnessed to address real-world challenges. However, recognizing the profit-oriented nature of individuals, we understand that users may prefer actively mining cryptocurrency over idling on the PoUW network without job requests.

To enhance user experience, we’ve integrated mining capabilities directly into FluxCore, eliminating the need for users to manually switch between FluxCore and other popular mining software like HiveOs, Bitdeer, Minerstat, and others.

This integration ensures a seamless experience, allowing users to connect their machines to the PoUW network while simultaneously engaging in cryptocurrency mining. Looking forward, we aim to develop an automated system enabling users to mine crypto during idle periods on the PoUW network and automatically switch to incoming jobs when more profitable.

This Figma design concept is for illustration purposes only. Actual features, layout, and appearance in the live application may vary from what is shown in this screenshot.

The Mining Dashboard functions as an optional module, requiring users to enable it based on their preferences. We acknowledge that not every FluxCore user may wish to mine crypto. To respect their choices, we have kept the Mining Dashboard off the official menu. This way, we can offer a complete package that fits the varied needs and preferences of our users.

Benchmarking your Machines

Benchmarking is crucial for comparing machines and identifying the top-performing ones connected to the PoUW network. We’ve seamlessly integrated cutting-edge benchmarking tools into the FluxCore application, empowering users to consistently benchmark their machines and assess performance with their current hardware setup.

This Figma design concept is for illustration purposes only. Actual features, layout, and appearance in the live application may vary from what is shown in this screenshot.

If users are not happy with the results, they can make hardware adjustments and re-run the benchmark to make informed comparisons. This iterative process allows users to fine-tune their setups, offering optimal machines for customer utilization in later stages.

The initial integrated benchmarking software focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Rendering, encompassing AI Training, AI Inference, and Blender. As we progress, we’ll introduce additional benchmarking software to enhance the Benchmark Score robustness and precision.

In addition to individual benchmark scores, we provide service-specific total scores. For example, the Total Score for the AI Benchmark is determined using a weighted formula that takes into account both AI Training and Inference Scores, resulting in the overall AI Benchmark score.

All benchmarking entries are documented on a publicly accessible website known as the Benchmark Leaderboard. The web-based leaderboard will display benchmark scores aggregated from different users across the network and allow providers to compare the performance of their machines across the board. This is structured to promote healthy competition that translates into a higher-performing ecosystem.

This Figma design concept is for illustration purposes only. Actual features, layout, and appearance in the live application may vary from what is shown in this screenshot.
This Figma design concept is for illustration purposes only. Actual features, layout, and appearance in the live application may vary from what is shown in this screenshot.

What about the PoUW Marketplace?

The PoUW Marketplace is the second integral component of the Proof-of-Useful-Work ecosystem. It serves as a one-stop platform for all customer needs allowing them to deploy on machines connected to the network.

Whether it’s artificial intelligence projects like text-to-image, machine learning, text-to-video, or simple video rendering, this marketplace has it covered. We’re holding back on revealing too much about its workings as it’s a milestone set for release in Q1 2024. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have something tangible in hand for testing.

There are rumors that some testers will be rewarded with early access to the PoUW Marketplace Alpha, but invitations will be strictly limited, and carefully selected by the team. Ensure you thoroughly test the FluxCore application, report any bugs if needed, or provide valuable input. We are closely monitoring and observing the FluxCore Alpha phase.

How to Participate in the FluxCore Alpha?

FluxCore Alpha will be downloadable starting December 15th. Stay tuned for details on how to download it closer to the official release. Keep up-to-date by joining the official Flux Discord or checking our new Twitter account.

Updated on March 5, 2024

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