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Host a Enshrouded Game Server on the Flux Cloud

Step 1: Installing your Enshrouded Server via the Flux Marketplace

  • Set your Subscription Plan and Geolocation (if required)
  • Please provide your contact information if you’d like to receive email notifications about your application’s upcoming expiration. Additionally, select the deployment location for your game server if desired.
  • NB: If you logged in with Zelcore sign the application message.
  • Next, Launch App
  • Finally pay for your application with Stripe for Card Payments, Paypal or with Flux
  • You’re done! We now need to wait for your Enshrouded game server to be spawned on an available FluxNode, which usually takes around 10–30 minutes. 

Step2: Finding out your IP address of your Palworld game server

  • When logged in on https://cloud.runonflux.io/ you can press My Apps -> Active Apps. Here you will be able to Manage your application (Visit button doesn’t work for this kind of app, just for websites). Click on the arrow pointing down to see your application specifications and the IPs running it.
  • As Flux operates on a decentralized network, your app is distributed across three instances/locations. For gaming applications, a Primary/Standby setup is employed. This means that your game server runs exclusively on the primary location, with the others on standby, ready to take over in case of a primary failure. To identify the primary server for connection, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the “manage app” button.
    2. This will show the Backend Selection of the Primary IP with and option to toggle to the others..

    Here, you’ll find the primary IP address that you can use to connect to your game server. Additionally, the geolocation details of all instances/locations running your application are displayed.

Best Practices for Connecting to Your Enshrouded Game Server

For a seamless gaming experience on your Enshrouded server, it’s recommended to add it to your Steam favorites. Follow these steps to ensure hassle-free connection:

  • Add the Server to Steam Favorites:
  • Launch Steam and navigate to the main menu.
  • Select “View” and then click on “Game Servers.”
  • In the “Game Servers” window, navigate to the “Favorites” tab.
  • Choose “Enshrouded” from the list or add it manually if not listed.
  • Click the “+” icon located at the bottom right corner of the window.
  • Enter the server’s IP address and port number (15637) in the provided fields.
  • Access Your Enshrouded Server:
  • Launch the Enshrouded game client.
  • Once in the game’s main menu, navigate to the server browser.
  • Your Enshrouded server should now appear at the top of the list under “Favorites.”
  • Select your server and connect seamlessly to begin your gaming session.

Can I change the game server settings and/or setup a password to connect to my game server?

  • Certainly, you can customize the server game settings as you would on a standard VPS. Proficiency in terminal/Linux skills is required. The following steps provide detailed instructions on how to accomplish this
  • Navigate to My Apps – App Details – Manage App – Interactive Terminal.
  • Selecy Component “Enshrouded”, then “bin/bash” and click Connect
  • Execute the command “apt update” to update the package lists.
  • After updating, install the Nano text editor by executing the command “apt install nano”. (Note: You only need to execute this command once after you have purchased the app on our Flux Marketplace).
  • Navigate to the root directory of the Enshrouded using the command “cd /opt/enshrouded/server/” to access the game server settings. Once in the directory, execute the command “nano enshrouded_server.json”.
  • This will open the server settings file in the Nano text editor. Edit the settings as necessary. To save your changes, press “ctrl+s” .To exit Nano, press “ctrl+x”
  • Once you’ve made your desired changes, navigate to the “Control” submenu and click on the “Restart” button. This action will restart your server with the updated settings. Exercise caution when altering game settings to ensure you understand the changes made, as incorrect modifications may result in the game server ceasing to function properly.

What happens if a new version of the game server is released, and my server is not updated?

  • Your server automatically updates to the latest version periodically and during startup. If your game server is not updated, refer to the previous question for instructions on restarting your game server.

Have Fun playing Enshrouded on Flux decentralized Infrastructure!

Learn more about Flux at www.runonflux.io

Learn more about Enshrouded at enshrouded.com

Updated on June 6, 2024

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