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Reset Your Password by Connecting to mySQL

In this article, you will:

  • Understand how to connect to your WordPress site database
  • Whitelist your IP address
  • Reset a password for a specific user on your website

Connecting to Home.runonflux.io

1) Navigate to https://home.runonflux.io

2) Login with your ZellID

3) Navigate to Global Apps > My Apps

4) Click Manage then Manage App

5) Click Update Specifications

6) Under Operator component, Enviroment Variables, find “DP_PORT=xxx” and write down the port number, we will use it later to connect to the database.

7) If you have your IP whitelisted before jump to step 14, otherwise under Operator component, Enviroment Variables, add “WHITELIST=your_ip_here”, right after the openning bracket   [  . It should look like this [“WHITELIST=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx”,”DB_COMPONENT_NAME=flux…

8) Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you will see the button, Compute Update Message, click it.

9) Scroll down until you see where you can sign with Zelcore.

10) Sign the message with Zelcore, you will now see the Signature field populated on the node page.

11) Click on Update Flux App button.

12) Click on Pay with Zelcore.

13) You will be prompted to open up Zelcore and complete the payment. Once the payment is done, you will should see a payment confirmation screen in Zelcore.

14) Navigate to Running Instances, and copy one or two of the IPs without the port number.

15) Use a MySql client to connect to the DB, in this case we will use open source HeidiSQL.

16) Run HeidiSQL or MySql client of your choice on the machine that has the IP address you provided on step 7.

17) For Hostname / IP enter one of the IPs you copied from step 14.

18) For Port number enter the port number copied from step 6.

19) Open the connection.

20) Navigate to test_db Databese and then wp_users table.

21) Navigate to the Data tab, Click on user_pass filed and paste in your new password hash, then click on whitespace for it to execute. You can use online tools like https://www.useotools.com/wordpress-password-hash-generator to generate a password hash.

We have tested and confirmed this method works. You should now be able to login to your WordPress site after updating the password hash.

NOTE: If you can’t connect to the DB, check Running Instances again and make sure the IP and port you copied is correct, Also make sure your whitelist change has been applied, It may take some time for the update to take place.

Updated on May 25, 2023

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