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Getting started with email using Sendinblue

This article will provide information on how you can setup your site to send out transactional, marketing, and general emails from WordPress.

By default, Flux WordPress sites do not come with this functionality and needs to be setup in order to properly work the correct way.

Have no fear! We’ve gone you covered and have provided a 100% free solution below that follows best practices for handling emails on your website.

The plugin and service you will need to get started

To get started, you’ll go through the following:

  • Signup with a free account on Sendinblue
  • Verify your domain on Sendinblue
  • Add your Sender infomation
  • Install the WP Mail SMTP plugin on WordPress
  • Send a test email

Since there is already a fantastic article provided by Sendinblue, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Please click the link below to learn how to setup your WordPress site for sending emails using SendinBlue.

How to Set Up WP Mail SMTP with Sendinblue (+ Tips for Best Results)

Once you are done, you should be good to go!

Updated on March 8, 2023

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